Consistency – and Lack Thereof

It has been awhile. A long while since I’ve been on here. There is really no rhyme or reason. It was a busy summer, followed by a packed Fall, then the holidays hit. As you get older, time seems to slip away faster and faster, and suddenly months have gone by unnoticed.

I have been doing a number of challenges with my Disney scrap group (so love those people!), and have done some challenges with the Ali Edwards Pinterest files (still love her approach to story telling).

I also did a ton of gift albums for friends and family, both in terms of actual scrapped pages, but also albums with journaling and ephemera where all they have to do is add their 4×6 photos. Homemade for the win!

It has been rainy and cool in SoCal the past few days, which got me thinking about Soarin’ – and missing the tour of California that it used to provide. So, here is a page I made at the tail end of its run. I printed out a copy of the shape of the state, then put it over an 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock, poked holes along the perimeter, then used embroidery floss to stitch the outline. I then used a sponge dauber to colour the paper lightly with blue to match the background paper (from Shimelle’s Starshine), then layered the photos on top. It’s very different than what I normally do, and I rather like it! I hope you do too!


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Sunny Days

It has been alternating between really warm and cool/rainy in San Diego lately, but this weekend is projected to be super sunny and hot.

I don’t like hot, but the sun is awesome!

It made me think of this hot day in Disney California Adventure when we headed up to check out Cove Bar, hang out in Paradise Pier, and just have some time together:


It’s not a perfect picture (taken with my iPhone 4s at the time), but I love it. It reminds me of the heat, and the sun, and the joy of the day.

Side note: I used to be a huge iPhone girl, but since switching to the Samsung Galaxy S6, I will never go back to an Apple product. Seriously. I love that the selfie camera is almost as good as the forward-facing camera on the latest Apples. Can’t make me go back to Apple. 😉

The word papers were from a stack that I picked up at Tuesday Morning (can’t remember who made it, sorry, as it was loose in my paper bin); the other papers were from Stampin Up! and I have had for years and years; the embellishments are from Freckled Fawn, EK Success, and Elle’s Studio.

I seriously love the products that Freckled Fawn and Elle’s Studio create. I get their monthly subscriptions, and find that I use almost everything they create because it fits well with my style, and the few things that don’t, will go well with how my friends scrap, so those things can be given to them.

The weekend has some plans with friends in the sun, but I also hope to make more progress on my Week in the Life album, so that I can share that next week.

Have a good one!


Recent Cards

I can make cards, but my first choice for my crafting time is scrapbooking.

Recently, as part of National Scrapbooking Day/Week festivities, I participated in some challenges that helped flex my card muscle once again.

3x4 cards

These cards are 3×4, and will be used on a layout rather than a PL spread. I absolutely love the products in Elle’s Studio’s monthly subscription, and all of these elements came from past products (other than the Mickey head – that was a punch from my stash).

I am obsessed with sewing on layouts, so I had to (carefully) add some texture on these with my machine. I love how they turned out!

Pink Card

This card is so very pink! The papers and binky washi strip are from their latest Live, Laugh, Love line. It’s fantastic! I also added the flower from the puffy stickers, and I had the tag from one of their previous releases.

I recently cut up their tag sheets, separated everything into like colours, and put them into crayon storage cases from Walmart that were $1.25 each. I love this system, and it has helped me locate some of the tags that I know I have, but previously couldn’t locate.

I love organization so much.

Thanks for looking! Have a fantastic weekend!



Large Photo Layouts

The vast majority of the time, I will use 4×6 photos or smaller, depending on the design, how many photos need to be included, it is cheaper to print them, and that size is generally easier to use and alter on the page.

But every so often, a photo is just too awesome and it demands to be big and loud and the total centre of attention on a layout.


I really loved this photo of us – the slight wind in my veil, the green hill behind us (even the patches with no greenery). It felt that it should be big, especially when I decided to use the large green flower (which I actually got at a craft retreat and was supposed to use it to make a hat. Um, no thanks) in the corner.

The photo was 8×12, but I trimmed a bit off the right hand side so that some of the patterned paper would be seen on the left side. I cut doilies in half, then positioned them above and below the photo. You have to take regular embellishments and make them work around big photos like this. Since the photo is horizontal, we want to balance that out with vertical movement (and the doilies work to do this, as does the patterned paper).

Also, busy background papers are possible, as the photo covers a lot of the pattern. I also recommend using embellishments that meld onto the photo, such as bling or a larger embellishment like the flower.

Here is another photo that, when I saw it, I immediately knew that I would print it in a larger size. I loved the vertical aspect of the tree in the background (I love palm trees!), and I loved how our bodies are angled. I just love this photo!


Again, you want to think of vertical and horizontal in relation to the photo.

With this one, I wanted the stars to partially cover up the tree, but also balance out how tall Tom is, so that the eye stays on our faces. The background paper is white and silver (doesn’t jump out much due to the neutral tones), but the pattern is quite busy. Circles = rings = great for weddings!

The doilies mimic the circles in the background, and the red tulle provides a horizontal balance, as does the repetition of the star with the key. Words are horizontal, adding more balance.

Working with larger photos sometimes requires a bit more planning, but also a lot less embellishments and paper.

What photos will you print in a larger size?


Week in the Life – Sunday

All week I have been making a note about the time and what was happening. Today, I didn’t. I also didn’t take many photos. I think that for most of my WITL album for this day, I was planning on doing a “Currently” theme, and making lists of things we’re currently watching, planning, listening to, reading, etc. Subconsciously, I think that meant I didn’t think to take as many photos. And that is okay.


Currently, I am thinking about Shakespeare – today would have been his birthday. I love his plays and poems.

Currently, I am silently saying “Happy Anniversary” to my parents. Today would have been their 40th. In writing those words, tears rush to my eyes and I can barely breathe. It will be five years since she passed in June, and I still expect the phone to ring at any moment so that she can update me on what is happening in my hometown.

Currently, I refrain from calling Dad because I know how he would feel awkward and upset, and he copes with things in his own way (like going away for a week to help friends, so that he didn’t have to be in the family home for today).

Currently, I continue with the reorganizing and purging while Tom has a safety meeting at work, then drops off a friend downtown, then picks up our nephew, who will spend the day with us.

Currently, I am watching more “Midsomer Murders” (obsessed) and reveling in this time alone. I can get so much done when it is just me, and I don’t have to worry about being in anyone’s way.

Currently, I am loving hearing about our nephew’s school trip to New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Currently, I am glad that we opted to pick up dinner, as I wasn’t in the mood to cook (tired and it would have taken time away from other things).

Currently, I am glad that I have a cool bed waiting for me.

Currently, I am grateful for a fun weekend, a good WITL week, and the chance to document all of our life stories for a small slice of time. We are going to love looking back on this life in the future. 



Week in the Life – Saturday

7:00am: There are days when you just want to sleep in due to a busy week and because your body needs it. There are days like Saturday when this is totally possible because you don’t have work or kids or pets. There are days when, despite all of this, you are still awake at 7am. Today is that day. Gah! 😉


The top of the dresser where the tv is, and the top of my scrapbooking desk to the left are chaos due to my on-going Spring cleaning and reorganization that was completely unplanned, but that feels good to be doing. I’m hoping to get a bunch done this weekend, in between plans with family and friends.

9:45am: Wrapping the Frank Sinatra book we got my mother-in-law. She is a huge fan, and will love it. I adore wrapping presents, especially when the wrapping paper is so much fun!


12:30pm: Birthday lunch = Mexican food at El Indio. My San Diego burrito is amazing, although their guacamole isn’t as good as what Tom makes (his guac is the only reason I suddenly eat avocados and guac at all!).


4:00pm: Home for a bit before we meet friends for bowling. We haven’t been to a bowling alley since we first started dating in 2012. Before that, it was Grade 4. This is likely the reason that I am terrible at bowling. Like, TERRIBLE. I’m a tad nervous about making a fool of myself tonight, but our friends have assured me that they are terrible too (they are nice people!).

I can be a very outgoing person, especially when it comes to work. In the business world, I can be downright fearless and outspoken and no-holds-barred sometimes. In social situations, I struggle. I’m often awkward and weird when I don’t know people, or don’t know the place, or aren’t proficient with the activity. Tonight, I am worried because I suck at bowling, I don’t know half the people who will be there, and my leg is sore from the spider bite (and resulting surgery – story for another time). But, Tom is all excited to go, as bowling is a big favorite in his family. My father-in-law bowls competitively (I hope he never sees me bowl).

For now, we play our Episode 7 Star Wars LEGO video game. We share a love of LEGO, and these games are bonding time for us. I love smashing things to earn the bits used to buy characters and ships and stuff. LOVE IT.


8:30pm: Time for some bowling! Can I just say that bowling shoes are the ugliest things ever made? Still nervous, but let’s do this! They already know that I suck, and I shouldn’t really care, because this isn’t a formal sporting event. In my head I hear the words of Debbie Reynolds in the obscure movie “Connie and Carla”, “chin up, boobs out, it’s showtime!”. This is for you, Debbie!

Okay, so I didn’t need to be nervous. It turns out that when I don’t care, I can actually bowl not too bad! Second place on the first game for me, and Tom won the second game. Yay us!

Best of all? Meeting new people who are awesome. We had so many laughs! Everyone was super supportive, nobody was competitive, so much cheering and fun.

So very rad.

And this guy – I am grateful every day that I have him in my life. I am grateful that he is supportive, but also nudges me into things when he can sense that I don’t want to do them, because he knows I will likely love it when I get there. I am grateful for the laughs we share all the time.

I am grateful for this evening of new friends and plans to do this again in the future!

Week in the Life – Friday

4:30am: Currently, the alarm buzzes me awake. I stumble into the bathroom and shower and brush my teeth and brush my hair and I stumble back into the bedroom…and I don’t think I opened my eyes once. 😉


I am tired and feel dull today. The residual pain from my cancer surgery and pain from the still-healing spider bite hole in my leg is bad today due to all of the recent lifting and lack of sleep. On days like this, I retreat into myself like a turtle into its shell. It’s safe and warm and comfortable in these internal mental caves. The light can’t touch me here, and I can find the tenuous thread of hope that will help me get through the day.

7:25am: Currently, the office is quiet. There are a lot of people who booked it off (likely heading to the beach, as it is going to be another warm one in San Diego). The crew that is here is lethargic and stressed and wanting to get things completed before the weekend, myself included. We opt to only have half the lights on, which suits me just fine. I love working in the dark.


Currently, I am sporting another messy bun. It’s another black shirt day (like most days). It’s another tackle-new-email-requests day. It’s (hopefully) another day where I can get everything done by working through lunch, so that I can leave a bit early. I would like to get more purging and reorganizing done at home before the weekend plans begin.

11:56am: Currently, I am mentally and physically done for the day.

3:10pm: On my way home, finally. It is rather hot out this afternoon, and I’m looking forward to getting home and getting this weekend started! I snap this picture just as the light changes…


3:30pm: Late lunch – a sandwich and some Doritos, paired with lemonade flavoured water and some more Midsomer Murders (absolutely love this show).


8:00pm: After getting Tom, our friend who works at Parkway Plaza called. We’re meeting up with him to go bowling tomorrow night (I haven’t bowled in years!), so we go to chat with him a bit before running to Walmart for a few items.

And can I just say that I love self-checkout – provided that it actually works? Tonight, not so much. This pretty much sums it up:

Thank goodness this day is almost over. It was rough, but we made it! And now, we sleep…