Sunny Days

It has been alternating between really warm and cool/rainy in San Diego lately, but this weekend is projected to be super sunny and hot.

I don’t like hot, but the sun is awesome!

It made me think of this hot day in Disney California Adventure when we headed up to check out Cove Bar, hang out in Paradise Pier, and just have some time together:


It’s not a perfect picture (taken with my iPhone 4s at the time), but I love it. It reminds me of the heat, and the sun, and the joy of the day.

Side note: I used to be a huge iPhone girl, but since switching to the Samsung Galaxy S6, I will never go back to an Apple product. Seriously. I love that the selfie camera is almost as good as the forward-facing camera on the latest Apples. Can’t make me go back to Apple. 😉

The word papers were from a stack that I picked up at Tuesday Morning (can’t remember who made it, sorry, as it was loose in my paper bin); the other papers were from Stampin Up! and I have had for years and years; the embellishments are from Freckled Fawn, EK Success, and Elle’s Studio.

I seriously love the products that Freckled Fawn and Elle’s Studio create. I get their monthly subscriptions, and find that I use almost everything they create because it fits well with my style, and the few things that don’t, will go well with how my friends scrap, so those things can be given to them.

The weekend has some plans with friends in the sun, but I also hope to make more progress on my Week in the Life album, so that I can share that next week.

Have a good one!



Recent Cards

I can make cards, but my first choice for my crafting time is scrapbooking.

Recently, as part of National Scrapbooking Day/Week festivities, I participated in some challenges that helped flex my card muscle once again.

3x4 cards

These cards are 3×4, and will be used on a layout rather than a PL spread. I absolutely love the products in Elle’s Studio’s monthly subscription, and all of these elements came from past products (other than the Mickey head – that was a punch from my stash).

I am obsessed with sewing on layouts, so I had to (carefully) add some texture on these with my machine. I love how they turned out!

Pink Card

This card is so very pink! The papers and binky washi strip are from their latest Live, Laugh, Love line. It’s fantastic! I also added the flower from the puffy stickers, and I had the tag from one of their previous releases.

I recently cut up their tag sheets, separated everything into like colours, and put them into crayon storage cases from Walmart that were $1.25 each. I love this system, and it has helped me locate some of the tags that I know I have, but previously couldn’t locate.

I love organization so much.

Thanks for looking! Have a fantastic weekend!



Week in the Life – Wednesday

4:30am: The alarm goes off, and today it hurts to open my eyes. I spoke too soon about the insomnia being gone. I had a hard time falling asleep last night, too excited about the reorganization of our place, things happening at work, and just life in general. It is going to be a long day. Love a cleansing shower in the morning. Love the clarity that the steady stream of water provides. Love this time to let my mind wander to all sorts of topics and all sorts of ideas.

4:55am: It was a warm day yesterday, so we had the a/c going last night, as well as several fans. I was boiling hot last night (which also prevented me from being sleepy) due to hot flashes. It has been 3.5 years since my cancer surgery and the start of early onset menopause, so you’d think the hot flashes would be gone, but unfortunately they seem to ebb and flow like the tide. Right now, they engulf me again. I’m hot, itchy, emotional, and so very tired of feeling like a dragon with a belly full of fire. The cold air hitting my shower-damp skin cools me off enough to feel comfortable, if only for a short time. I crawl back into bed to think of the day ahead and listen to Tom’s even breathing. Yesterday was a long day for him, and I am glad of the deep sleep he has found. Love these quiet morning moments. Love the sound of my love getting sleep. Love the cool air and this moment of peaceful contemplation.

5:12am: We both must have drifted off after he hit sleep (and R2 didn’t sound again when he should have). I awake with a jolt, sensing that something is wrong. Tom feels me jolt, sees the time, and runs to start his day. Shower. Packing water, drinks, and a cold pack for the day. He’ll come home during his split for lunch and to look into why the electronics for the recliner on the couch are not working on his side. Love these morning routines. Love making plans for the day with him.

6:23am: I am slightly frustrated with drivers of big trucks, construction equipment, and semi’s today, as they should all have driven in the far right lane, rather than trying to go up a hill side-by-side and blocking all of the traffic. I will still get to work on time, but seriously. Have some common sense. Love getting to work on time. Love this job.

6:35am: Time to hit my emails. Thankfully, there aren’t many of them today. I’m ahead of schedule with several clients, and that means a bit of breathing space for the first time this month.


No glasses today. Despite loving my contacts, I seem to be wearing my glasses more often lately – both pairs. I like alternating and giving my eyes a rest sometimes. Plus, with the dryness in the office, contacts can dry out very quickly. I usually carry a contacts case and glasses with me, just in case.


I love big, deep purses. I like carrying stuff around with me that I likely don’t need (like the plastic fork – why is it in here?). I like being prepared in the event that something obscure is required (hence the fork, I suppose!). I may have watched too much MacGyver when a child…


I love this bag from Scarleton that I purchased on Amazon a few months ago. It has a bunch of zippered compartments, is nice and deep, and I love that there is a short strap and a longer, cross-body strap. Slouchy and big is what I look for in a purse, and this one did not disappoint. So glad that I also bought it in red. I may need to get it in black as well. Love bags and purses – always have. Love getting one that works with my life.

11:15am: Done with my meetings for the day. I have various things to do today, but I am feeling very unmotivated due to the cooler weather and breeze blowing through the trees I see through the windows. It is hard to be stuck inside on such a nice day!


d5ce78990e937c0396d547c74e065af6  <— Yes. This.

Love having a slight view (wish I was right at the window, but also okay with not being by a hot window in the Summer). Love all the trees around this lovely city. Love memes.

3:37pm: I worked through lunch and should have left by now, but a client request has come in, and it needs doing before I leave. This means traffic is terrible when I hit the 15. Love that everyone was courteous in this messy daily drive.


3:50pm: Closer to home, I am always struck with the beauty of the rows of palm trees that line the final street that leads me to our Nerd Cave. Love those trees, even if they are actually weeds. Love those blue, blue skies. Love the temperate weather that San Diego usually has.


4:25pm: Today, some more organization, but also a little TV, since I’m so tired. Right now, I’m enjoying “Midsomer Murders”. Love me some Brit telly. Love me some murder mysteries. Love me some relaxing screen time (although I was still sorting through some things and breaking down those boxes under/in the coffee table).


Yes, we’re nerds. We love Star Wars and LEGO and Marvel and DC and Nintendo and Playstation and Kevin Smith and anything that combines all of this (like the huge IKEA entertainment unit that we got last Spring). Love that we enjoy so many of the same things.

7:15pm: Hot Topic’s Hot Cash event is on, so we go to redeem some of our accumulated cash. Love this wall of pops. Love the Disney stuff they have sometimes. Love that we got some fun things for ourselves, but also several gifts for birthdays and Christmas. I’m about 75% done my Christmas shopping already (I have a system that works for me, that I will share here one day). Love getting a head start on the year. Love spreading out the financial aspect of gift-giving over an entire year. Love that Tom likes getting involved with planning and gifts.


Lots of colours in that photo. I think I might make it black and white for my future WITL album…


Tom knows that this week is WITL, and suggests a selfie of us with the signs behind us. Love him. Love how he supports my hobbies and interests. Love that smile. Love that dimple.

9:20pm: Late dinner tonight. Almost too late, but we got talking to a friend at the mall, then met a new friend. Love that Tom is social, especially because sometimes I am just not. I love people, but there is a part of me that is okay with being anonymous and left alone and quiet and just doesn’t want to interact. Love that I know this about myself and am okay with it. Love that I can find the words to explain it to people. Love that Tom understands and can fill in the gaps.


A California burrito from Lolita’s. They have the best Mexican food in all of San Diego. Love the sauce and seasonings they use. Love that their food is good, and also very affordable. Love that Tom introduced me to this place of his childhood. Love this busy and interesting day. Love that we will do a few things around our home, then head to bed. Love that I will likely fall asleep immediately tonight!



Beauty and the Beast

If you haven’t gone to see the live action version of this tale as old as time, you really should.

You really, really should.

We went last weekend, and it was amazing. I was a tad skeptical at first, as I absolutely love the animated classic, and I was so afraid that they would ruin it. I should have known better. Disney, ruin anything?

The initial looks at Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts, and Chip didn’t excite me…but having seen all of the lavish French architecture and designs in Beast’s castle, their updates make perfect sense.

The Beast seemed harsher that the animated version, and I get it – he’s a Beast. Maybe it was the horns. They were so mountain goat-like. Those eyes, though. So perfectly Beast. You can’t help but fall in love with his ferocious vulnerability.

The movie is amazing, and I want to spend all day in the theatre watching it over and over and over again.

Go see it, and you’ll know what I mean.

And with that in mind, here is a layout I did for a challenge for a scrap group I’m involved with, and love:


The papers are mostly StampinUp, and the flowers are old Prima. The stamped sayings are from Ali Edwards (love her phrase stamps!). This was from our Disneymoon to Disney World in 2015. It is tradition to see the live show due to my extreme love of this story.

A small town bookworm (who never quite fit in) ventures off and meets a hairy beast with whom she falls in love? Sounds a tad familiar! 😉

Have a good one – and go see the movie! 😉


Happy Turkey Day!

There is much to be thankful for every day of the year.

Freedom. A roof over our heads. Abundant food. Family. Friends. Good jobs. Hobbies. Nerdy stuff.

Turkey. Lots of turkey! 😉

We are actually keeping our Thanksgiving plans light this year. Most of our family have plans with the other sides of their families, so we are on our own this year, and since we don’t have kids, we have nobody to cook for or entertain. Awesome. We could do with some downtime, as things have been busy/crazy lately.

I’m making a chicken dish that we love, and substituting turkey, and that will be dinner. The rest of the time is “scheduled” to be building a few of the Star Wars LEGO sets that have been sitting and waiting for some attention.

In honour of the holiday, here is Tom enjoying a turkey leg at Disneyland:


I flicked black paint on the background, painted the chipboard frame black before wrapping string around it, then used a variety of Pink Paislee papers from the “Atlas” line. The strips of washi tape, and most of the embellishments are from Freckled Fawn (love their embellishments – go get their monthly subscription – you won’t regret it!).

We were quite excited to finally try the turkey leg, as so many people told us it was awesome. Unfortunately, we found it a tad too greasy and fatty for our liking. Plus, it is just way too much meat, which is strange to say, considering how much of a carnivore Tom is! I love this comical photo, so am glad that we tried the turkey leg, but I think we’ll spend money on some gumbo in the future instead! It is delicious!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Bring on the Weekend

It has been a chaotic week.

Monday was great – I got to celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday at Disneyland. So magical! 

The rest of the week is a blur of reports, phone calls, facilitating training, dealing with apartment issues (our property management leaves a lot to be desired sometimes).

The good thing? IT IS FRIDAY! And payday. And the start of a weekend of reorganizing the Nerd Cave to accommodate new Funko Pops and R2-D2’s (we are obsessed)!

In thinking about R2, here is a layout of Tom with him from a trip in 2013:


The R2-D2 journalling block is actually a notepad that we picked up in the bargain bins at Target. Jedi logo is from Creative Imaginations. The metal saying is an old Memory Makers embellishment. The paper looks beige in the photo, but is actually a light silver.

The stars are a piece of paper that was already die cut, although you could do the same thing using a Silhouette (still need to try using mine – on the To Do list for the holiday break).

It’s simple, yet fun. This is one of my favorite  photos of Tom ever.

Love that childish grin!


Oh, America.

I am absolutely speechless after last night’s election. Shocked. Bewildered.

So, let’s go back to a time when I was excited by progress that America used to make!

This one is from the American pavilion at Disney World’s Epcot:


I really wanted to capture the pride of the show that they provide here, as well as some vintage pilgrim-type textures with the lacy doily and stitching.

The papers were in my stash for years and years (not sure why I bought them when I lived in Canada, but I am sure I had reason!), and I paired them with the Freckled Fawn doily (cut in half to change it from a square into a rectangle), and stars punched with a Stampin Up punch. The foam letters were from a dollar store (I so miss Dollarama in Canada!).

Thanks for looking!