Week in the Life – Sunday

All week I have been making a note about the time and what was happening. Today, I didn’t. I also didn’t take many photos. I think that for most of my WITL album for this day, I was planning on doing a “Currently” theme, and making lists of things we’re currently watching, planning, listening to, reading, etc. Subconsciously, I think that meant I didn’t think to take as many photos. And that is okay.


Currently, I am thinking about Shakespeare – today would have been his birthday. I love his plays and poems.

Currently, I am silently saying “Happy Anniversary” to my parents. Today would have been their 40th. In writing those words, tears rush to my eyes and I can barely breathe. It will be five years since she passed in June, and I still expect the phone to ring at any moment so that she can update me on what is happening in my hometown.

Currently, I refrain from calling Dad because I know how he would feel awkward and upset, and he copes with things in his own way (like going away for a week to help friends, so that he didn’t have to be in the family home for today).

Currently, I continue with the reorganizing and purging while Tom has a safety meeting at work, then drops off a friend downtown, then picks up our nephew, who will spend the day with us.

Currently, I am watching more “Midsomer Murders” (obsessed) and reveling in this time alone. I can get so much done when it is just me, and I don’t have to worry about being in anyone’s way.

Currently, I am loving hearing about our nephew’s school trip to New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Currently, I am glad that we opted to pick up dinner, as I wasn’t in the mood to cook (tired and it would have taken time away from other things).

Currently, I am glad that I have a cool bed waiting for me.

Currently, I am grateful for a fun weekend, a good WITL week, and the chance to document all of our life stories for a small slice of time. We are going to love looking back on this life in the future. 




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