Week in the Life – Sunday

All week I have been making a note about the time and what was happening. Today, I didn’t. I also didn’t take many photos. I think that for most of my WITL album for this day, I was planning on doing a “Currently” theme, and making lists of things we’re currently watching, planning, listening to, reading, etc. Subconsciously, I think that meant I didn’t think to take as many photos. And that is okay.


Currently, I am thinking about Shakespeare – today would have been his birthday. I love his plays and poems.

Currently, I am silently saying “Happy Anniversary” to my parents. Today would have been their 40th. In writing those words, tears rush to my eyes and I can barely breathe. It will be five years since she passed in June, and I still expect the phone to ring at any moment so that she can update me on what is happening in my hometown.

Currently, I refrain from calling Dad because I know how he would feel awkward and upset, and he copes with things in his own way (like going away for a week to help friends, so that he didn’t have to be in the family home for today).

Currently, I continue with the reorganizing and purging while Tom has a safety meeting at work, then drops off a friend downtown, then picks up our nephew, who will spend the day with us.

Currently, I am watching more “Midsomer Murders” (obsessed) and reveling in this time alone. I can get so much done when it is just me, and I don’t have to worry about being in anyone’s way.

Currently, I am loving hearing about our nephew’s school trip to New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Currently, I am glad that we opted to pick up dinner, as I wasn’t in the mood to cook (tired and it would have taken time away from other things).

Currently, I am glad that I have a cool bed waiting for me.

Currently, I am grateful for a fun weekend, a good WITL week, and the chance to document all of our life stories for a small slice of time. We are going to love looking back on this life in the future. 




Week in the Life – Saturday

7:00am: There are days when you just want to sleep in due to a busy week and because your body needs it. There are days like Saturday when this is totally possible because you don’t have work or kids or pets. There are days when, despite all of this, you are still awake at 7am. Today is that day. Gah! 😉


The top of the dresser where the tv is, and the top of my scrapbooking desk to the left are chaos due to my on-going Spring cleaning and reorganization that was completely unplanned, but that feels good to be doing. I’m hoping to get a bunch done this weekend, in between plans with family and friends.

9:45am: Wrapping the Frank Sinatra book we got my mother-in-law. She is a huge fan, and will love it. I adore wrapping presents, especially when the wrapping paper is so much fun!


12:30pm: Birthday lunch = Mexican food at El Indio. My San Diego burrito is amazing, although their guacamole isn’t as good as what Tom makes (his guac is the only reason I suddenly eat avocados and guac at all!).


4:00pm: Home for a bit before we meet friends for bowling. We haven’t been to a bowling alley since we first started dating in 2012. Before that, it was Grade 4. This is likely the reason that I am terrible at bowling. Like, TERRIBLE. I’m a tad nervous about making a fool of myself tonight, but our friends have assured me that they are terrible too (they are nice people!).

I can be a very outgoing person, especially when it comes to work. In the business world, I can be downright fearless and outspoken and no-holds-barred sometimes. In social situations, I struggle. I’m often awkward and weird when I don’t know people, or don’t know the place, or aren’t proficient with the activity. Tonight, I am worried because I suck at bowling, I don’t know half the people who will be there, and my leg is sore from the spider bite (and resulting surgery – story for another time). But, Tom is all excited to go, as bowling is a big favorite in his family. My father-in-law bowls competitively (I hope he never sees me bowl).

For now, we play our Episode 7 Star Wars LEGO video game. We share a love of LEGO, and these games are bonding time for us. I love smashing things to earn the bits used to buy characters and ships and stuff. LOVE IT.


8:30pm: Time for some bowling! Can I just say that bowling shoes are the ugliest things ever made? Still nervous, but let’s do this! They already know that I suck, and I shouldn’t really care, because this isn’t a formal sporting event. In my head I hear the words of Debbie Reynolds in the obscure movie “Connie and Carla”, “chin up, boobs out, it’s showtime!”. This is for you, Debbie!

Okay, so I didn’t need to be nervous. It turns out that when I don’t care, I can actually bowl not too bad! Second place on the first game for me, and Tom won the second game. Yay us!

Best of all? Meeting new people who are awesome. We had so many laughs! Everyone was super supportive, nobody was competitive, so much cheering and fun.

So very rad.

And this guy – I am grateful every day that I have him in my life. I am grateful that he is supportive, but also nudges me into things when he can sense that I don’t want to do them, because he knows I will likely love it when I get there. I am grateful for the laughs we share all the time.

I am grateful for this evening of new friends and plans to do this again in the future!

Week in the Life – Friday

4:30am: Currently, the alarm buzzes me awake. I stumble into the bathroom and shower and brush my teeth and brush my hair and I stumble back into the bedroom…and I don’t think I opened my eyes once. 😉


I am tired and feel dull today. The residual pain from my cancer surgery and pain from the still-healing spider bite hole in my leg is bad today due to all of the recent lifting and lack of sleep. On days like this, I retreat into myself like a turtle into its shell. It’s safe and warm and comfortable in these internal mental caves. The light can’t touch me here, and I can find the tenuous thread of hope that will help me get through the day.

7:25am: Currently, the office is quiet. There are a lot of people who booked it off (likely heading to the beach, as it is going to be another warm one in San Diego). The crew that is here is lethargic and stressed and wanting to get things completed before the weekend, myself included. We opt to only have half the lights on, which suits me just fine. I love working in the dark.


Currently, I am sporting another messy bun. It’s another black shirt day (like most days). It’s another tackle-new-email-requests day. It’s (hopefully) another day where I can get everything done by working through lunch, so that I can leave a bit early. I would like to get more purging and reorganizing done at home before the weekend plans begin.

11:56am: Currently, I am mentally and physically done for the day.

3:10pm: On my way home, finally. It is rather hot out this afternoon, and I’m looking forward to getting home and getting this weekend started! I snap this picture just as the light changes…


3:30pm: Late lunch – a sandwich and some Doritos, paired with lemonade flavoured water and some more Midsomer Murders (absolutely love this show).


8:00pm: After getting Tom, our friend who works at Parkway Plaza called. We’re meeting up with him to go bowling tomorrow night (I haven’t bowled in years!), so we go to chat with him a bit before running to Walmart for a few items.

And can I just say that I love self-checkout – provided that it actually works? Tonight, not so much. This pretty much sums it up:

Thank goodness this day is almost over. It was rough, but we made it! And now, we sleep…



Week in the Life – Thursday

20170420_051718 b&w

4:30am: I see a tired woman, who actually got a better sleep last night than the night before. I see unruly bangs that always get parted on the left due to a bad cow-lick (my Mom would randomly share the story of me as a child, indignantly asking her why she would let a cow lick me). I see the big photo of London that I loved for years, but living in Canada never purchased due to the higher price and long distance from IKEA, although had to buy it at the discounted price that it was when I moved to San Diego. I see eyelashes that are fine and almost blonde at the tip, which is why I love mascara so much.

20170420_045624 b&w

4:50am: I see a cluttered bathroom counter that needs cleaning (on my list for later today). I see Tom’s “Caesar’s Man” that he is almost out of, but keeps the little that is in the bottle because they don’t make it anymore (this was the scent he was wearing when we first met, and I love it on him – so sad that it is discontinued). I see the musk spray he decided to try after the bad news about Caesar’s Man (I am not a fan of musks, even though it does smell good on him – once this is gone, it won’t be replaced). I see the replacement cologne that smells quite a bit like Caesar’s Man, but smells fresher to me somehow (the dude at the shop was correct in saying that we’d like it – we really do).

I see my hair straightener for days when my bangs don’t behave (should put it away for less clutter). I see the heavy flashlight that Tom bought for the apartment (it is almost done charging). I see his clippers for his beard trimming after getting his hair cut on Monday (also need to be put away). I see the Vader soap dispenser that we bought for the restroom for our Star Wars themed wedding in 2013 (such a great day – I am reminded of it every time I wash my hands).

I see the almost empty toothpaste tube that somehow seems to have lasted forever. I see its replacement patiently waiting to assist our dental hygiene routine. I see my face wash (I wish the scent was a bit fruitier). I see the big lotion bottle that we have had forever because it is so big. I see my Tresemme hairspray (my go-to for years and years – level 3 for better hold for my fine hair). I see my hair tie, a must for long hair (and when not in my hair, worn around my right wrist, in the event that it is needed).

I see a bathroom vanity holding the various items we need daily. I see doors that never fully close because maintenance has painted them enough times in the past that the paint interferes with the hinges. I see a rental apartment’s utilitarian configuration. I see a type of bathroom vanity that I will never have again, because once we have a house, I would never choose this type of setup!

20170420_053617 b&w

5:20am: I see fresh hair, still wet from the shower. I see groomed eyebrows, something which I try to keep up with myself (self-conscious about them due to comments from a previous coworker who said that, at that time, my eyebrows looked like big caterpillars on my face. I maybe pluck them too thin now as over-compensation). I see someone who maybe holds onto things a bit too long (lol). I see a daily routine of foundation, eyeliner, mascara. I see a prominent Ukrainian nose (from my Dad’s side). I see light eyes that are blue, descended from Scottish, English, Irish roots (from my Mom’s side). I see a low-maintenance beauty routine that makes me happy (I have done this since I was 12. I do it for me, and nobody else. I do it because I enjoy it. On days I don’t want to do it, I don’t.).


5:58am: I see a white Toyota Corolla (not my first choice for a vehicle, but Tom wanted it due to low mileage and decent price). I see Star Wars decals (because it reminded me of a Stormtrooper). I see good fuel economy (Trooper is so rad in that respect). I see the way we get to work daily. I see the carriage that takes us to Disneyland. I see reliability.


6:09am: I see Tom’s workplace. I see a lot of vehicles in the parking lot this morning (usually nothing here but the shuttle that goes to the trolley station for the bus drivers). I see Tom in his safety vest (the third he has had since starting here in June 2014). I see his Star Wars Rebel backpack (he’s such a big kid). I see the start of his day, the same as it is every morning.


6:30am: I see the start of my day. I see a bit of my fan to the left (it runs almost all of the time because I’m usually so warm). I see sticky notes that house phone numbers and reminders. I see one of the Belles that Tom put in my stocking this last Christmas. I see my group of bad-ass Canadians (Wolverine, Deadpool, Ike, Canadian flag Mickey Vinylmation). I see Batman (looking as unimpressed as ever). I see a hint of Raphael (looking angry). I see my pen holder (with my Texas pens).

I see a spreadsheet (LOVE them so very much). I see Voyager. I see my name plate. I see wedding rings (engagement ring was passed down to Tom from his Dad, which makes it very special to me. The bands of diamonds on either side was our choice – I love the added sparkle). I see the simple earrings that I often wear when my hair is up.

I see a messy bun (tired this morning, and too lazy to do anything else). I see glasses (eyes are tired and sore and scratchy today). I see a black shirt (one of many in my closet).

I see productivity and determination.


10:47am: I see an office plant, one of many. I see the familiar foliage of where I used to sit before I moved to where I am now, which does not have a plant on top of the cubicle. I see bright leaves that I suddenly realize that I miss seeing daily.


3:20pm: I see our mailbox, filled with random mail, some of which will belong to another unit in the complex (because they moved in six months ago and in changing their address with places, put our unit instead of theirs, and even though they know about it still have not made corrections). I see a flyer from United Airlines (and based on recent events and actions towards their passengers, cringe slightly). I see a key for the bigger mailboxes that house larger items (like boxes from Toys R Us – Tom ordered a pop from them).


3:25pm: I see the orange blooms from the large shrub that is by the parking lot. I see evidence of the bees who buzz around this plant all the time. I see new growth. I see decay. I see the cycle of this season. I see the circle of life.


3:27pm: I see the iris bush at the end of our walkway. I see the cuts of where the landscapers have trimmed it back (which always breaks my heart, as it stunts how often it blooms).


3:28pm: I see our container of succulents that Janie gave us several years ago. I see the sections dying from damage caused when our neighbours moved out. I see the new growth (and, as always, am amazed at the hardiness of plants and people. This world can be difficult and harsh).


3:50pm: I see a pile of Tom’s printed t-shirts that I just removed from the closet. I see well-loved and often-worn shirts that he has collected over the years. I see shirts that he no longer wears due to them being old or not fitting right anymore. I see shirts that he can’t bear to part with yet. I see shirts that are taking up closet space and need to be removed. I see shirts that he didn’t remove himself this week. I see shirts that I will put into compression bags and store under the bed, freeing up space for me, and yet still giving him the option of connecting with them again in the future.

4:45pm: I see a bunch of projects and albums and ink pads and papers and packaged themes for Disney layouts that have yet to be used and lovingly made into layouts and December Dailies. I see a closet that needs some reorganizing and purging. I see my task until 6:40, when I need to leave to pick up Tom from work. I see a challenge. I see something that I enjoy doing. I see future donations to Crops of Luv. I see success ahead of me in this task, so that I can spend some time scrapbooking next week!


6:48pm: I see trees in the distance that have caught my eye due to the sunlight streaming through them (while stopped at a light). I see something that reminds me of my Grandmother, as Garth Brooks sings “If Tomorrow Never Comes” on the stereo. I see tears in my eye, as I remember someone who had a huge impact on my life, and who I have missed every day since she passed almost 26 years ago.

6:52pm: I see a wife waiting for her husband. I see a slight smirk, as this woman feels productive and sassy when undergoing a reorganization project (seriously, though). I see determination. I see a beloved keychain from when Tom (at that time a boyfriend) drove his buddy across the US when moving, but stopped to buy this souvenir for me. I see the Imperial logo on Trooper’s floor mats (because he looks like a Stormtrooper). I see purple toenails, something new I’m rocking this Spring. I see flip flops (permanent shoe choice now that I live in California). I see the sun going down on another day.


8:00pm: I see my first Dave Chappelle stand-up special. I see decorative bottles that are void of the M&M’s they usually contain (it has been awhile – adding M&M’s to the grocery list). I see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles items in a red metal bucket. I see candies from Ukraine in the glass bowl. I see Star Wars movies (so love them). I see Nintendo metal goodies that Tom collects. I see comfort. I see comedy. I see home.


10:30pm: I see tired. I see ready for sleep. I see the pillow cases that Aunt Lynda made us for our wedding (ones on the bottom). I see the pillow cases that Dailyn made us for Christmas just after our wedding (ones on the top). I see me moments before Tom comes into the room and we finally connect with his Mother to wish her a Happy Birthday, and make plans to go for lunch on Saturday. I see me moments before I lay there for another two hours, then finally fall into a fitful, unrefreshing sleep. I see the end of this day.













Week in the Life – Wednesday

4:30am: The alarm goes off, and today it hurts to open my eyes. I spoke too soon about the insomnia being gone. I had a hard time falling asleep last night, too excited about the reorganization of our place, things happening at work, and just life in general. It is going to be a long day. Love a cleansing shower in the morning. Love the clarity that the steady stream of water provides. Love this time to let my mind wander to all sorts of topics and all sorts of ideas.

4:55am: It was a warm day yesterday, so we had the a/c going last night, as well as several fans. I was boiling hot last night (which also prevented me from being sleepy) due to hot flashes. It has been 3.5 years since my cancer surgery and the start of early onset menopause, so you’d think the hot flashes would be gone, but unfortunately they seem to ebb and flow like the tide. Right now, they engulf me again. I’m hot, itchy, emotional, and so very tired of feeling like a dragon with a belly full of fire. The cold air hitting my shower-damp skin cools me off enough to feel comfortable, if only for a short time. I crawl back into bed to think of the day ahead and listen to Tom’s even breathing. Yesterday was a long day for him, and I am glad of the deep sleep he has found. Love these quiet morning moments. Love the sound of my love getting sleep. Love the cool air and this moment of peaceful contemplation.

5:12am: We both must have drifted off after he hit sleep (and R2 didn’t sound again when he should have). I awake with a jolt, sensing that something is wrong. Tom feels me jolt, sees the time, and runs to start his day. Shower. Packing water, drinks, and a cold pack for the day. He’ll come home during his split for lunch and to look into why the electronics for the recliner on the couch are not working on his side. Love these morning routines. Love making plans for the day with him.

6:23am: I am slightly frustrated with drivers of big trucks, construction equipment, and semi’s today, as they should all have driven in the far right lane, rather than trying to go up a hill side-by-side and blocking all of the traffic. I will still get to work on time, but seriously. Have some common sense. Love getting to work on time. Love this job.

6:35am: Time to hit my emails. Thankfully, there aren’t many of them today. I’m ahead of schedule with several clients, and that means a bit of breathing space for the first time this month.


No glasses today. Despite loving my contacts, I seem to be wearing my glasses more often lately – both pairs. I like alternating and giving my eyes a rest sometimes. Plus, with the dryness in the office, contacts can dry out very quickly. I usually carry a contacts case and glasses with me, just in case.


I love big, deep purses. I like carrying stuff around with me that I likely don’t need (like the plastic fork – why is it in here?). I like being prepared in the event that something obscure is required (hence the fork, I suppose!). I may have watched too much MacGyver when a child…


I love this bag from Scarleton that I purchased on Amazon a few months ago. It has a bunch of zippered compartments, is nice and deep, and I love that there is a short strap and a longer, cross-body strap. Slouchy and big is what I look for in a purse, and this one did not disappoint. So glad that I also bought it in red. I may need to get it in black as well. Love bags and purses – always have. Love getting one that works with my life.

11:15am: Done with my meetings for the day. I have various things to do today, but I am feeling very unmotivated due to the cooler weather and breeze blowing through the trees I see through the windows. It is hard to be stuck inside on such a nice day!


d5ce78990e937c0396d547c74e065af6  <— Yes. This.

Love having a slight view (wish I was right at the window, but also okay with not being by a hot window in the Summer). Love all the trees around this lovely city. Love memes.

3:37pm: I worked through lunch and should have left by now, but a client request has come in, and it needs doing before I leave. This means traffic is terrible when I hit the 15. Love that everyone was courteous in this messy daily drive.


3:50pm: Closer to home, I am always struck with the beauty of the rows of palm trees that line the final street that leads me to our Nerd Cave. Love those trees, even if they are actually weeds. Love those blue, blue skies. Love the temperate weather that San Diego usually has.


4:25pm: Today, some more organization, but also a little TV, since I’m so tired. Right now, I’m enjoying “Midsomer Murders”. Love me some Brit telly. Love me some murder mysteries. Love me some relaxing screen time (although I was still sorting through some things and breaking down those boxes under/in the coffee table).


Yes, we’re nerds. We love Star Wars and LEGO and Marvel and DC and Nintendo and Playstation and Kevin Smith and anything that combines all of this (like the huge IKEA entertainment unit that we got last Spring). Love that we enjoy so many of the same things.

7:15pm: Hot Topic’s Hot Cash event is on, so we go to redeem some of our accumulated cash. Love this wall of pops. Love the Disney stuff they have sometimes. Love that we got some fun things for ourselves, but also several gifts for birthdays and Christmas. I’m about 75% done my Christmas shopping already (I have a system that works for me, that I will share here one day). Love getting a head start on the year. Love spreading out the financial aspect of gift-giving over an entire year. Love that Tom likes getting involved with planning and gifts.


Lots of colours in that photo. I think I might make it black and white for my future WITL album…


Tom knows that this week is WITL, and suggests a selfie of us with the signs behind us. Love him. Love how he supports my hobbies and interests. Love that smile. Love that dimple.

9:20pm: Late dinner tonight. Almost too late, but we got talking to a friend at the mall, then met a new friend. Love that Tom is social, especially because sometimes I am just not. I love people, but there is a part of me that is okay with being anonymous and left alone and quiet and just doesn’t want to interact. Love that I know this about myself and am okay with it. Love that I can find the words to explain it to people. Love that Tom understands and can fill in the gaps.


A California burrito from Lolita’s. They have the best Mexican food in all of San Diego. Love the sauce and seasonings they use. Love that their food is good, and also very affordable. Love that Tom introduced me to this place of his childhood. Love this busy and interesting day. Love that we will do a few things around our home, then head to bed. Love that I will likely fall asleep immediately tonight!



Week in the Life – Tuesday

4:30am: The alarm goes off, and I hiss at it. I deliberately choose the most annoying alarm ring in the world, so that it is successful in waking me up and getting me out of bed. Today, I hit snooze (which I rarely do), and try to sleep some more, but my brain is now in full gear and I can’t sleep anymore. Up I get for a shower, checking my email, peeking at Instagram, looking at Facebook notifications that happened overnight, and playing my daily Solitaire game. All of this usually takes me less than 20 minutes. I don’t like to dawdle.

20170418_051010 b&amp;w

5:00am: Tom’s alarm rings (R2-D2 sounds, of course), and he does his morning ritual of hitting Sleep, giving him five more delicious minutes. I’m back in bed by now, which means I cuddle into him until R2 rouses him again, this time for good. He hits the shower, turning on the light on his way by.

It’s our morning routine. We do it daily. It works for us.

6:00am: We leave home a few minutes ahead of schedule, which means I don’t have to drive 85-90 mph to get him to work on time for his 6:10 sign-in. Seriously. There are days where I have white knuckled it and wanted to vomit with how fast I was driving…but I got him there on time!

6:08am: Tom is at work, and I start my commute to the office. The traffic is steady, with only a few halts (for which I had my phone ready!), but the week after Easter means people are on holidays still, and there is a marked difference in the overall number of vehicles on the road with me this morning. People are content on flowing up the hill on the 52 together as a collective, the jerks who dart back and forth between lanes noticeably absent this overcast morning.


6:26am: I arrive at the office to a much smaller inbox than yesterday, thankfully. Today is Tuesday, which means a full schedule of morning meetings.


I love these earrings, but rarely wear them with how heavy they are. Today felt like a good day to dust them off again.

Easter decorations are down, and put away in the top drawer of my under-desk filing cabinet. Top drawer holds Easter, Valentine’s, St. Patty’s, Halloween, Canada Day, Independence Day, and other random holiday items. Bottom drawer is completely Christmas – decorations, lights, and a small tree for my desk, along with random decorations and lights that I share with others in the office. I won’t need to put anything up until July 1st for Canada Day. Usually that also means bringing in some red velvet and white chocolate chip cookies. Red and white. I have to do it!

9:26am: Our nephew is back from his school trip to New York and Boston, and he sends us a brief message to say he is back, he enjoyed himself, and we should get together soon. Seriously love this guy. Seriously love being his aunt.

12:19pm: Tom texts that he has to work late tonight, which is a tad frustrating for his day back to work, but the overtime will be nice next payday. I decide to work through lunch and have some chicken noodle soup from my desk drawer. It’s rather salty, which means increasing water consumption this afternoon!

20170418_103211 20170418_091613

I love this water additive flavour. It’s refreshing, especially when icy cold. I recently got this stay-cold cup from Costco, and it will keep ice in it for 24 hours. SERIOUSLY LOVE IT. There were two in a package for $20, and it is the best purchase I’ve ever made, I swear.

3:30pm: The best part of coming in early, other than it being quiet in the office so that I can get a ton done before others arrive, is that I get to leave mid-afternoon. San Diego is once again into hot temperatures, so the car is an oven.


I need to clean the car – look at all the dust! 😉

Traffic home is a bit of chaos, as always. The 8 eastbound is usually this busy in the afternoons. I try and enjoy these minutes of solitude with no plans, but usually I just want to get home and get into whatever I have planned for the “me time” before I pick Tom up from work. We’re still using one vehicle in an effort to save money, reduce unnecessary pollution, and also have some more time together in a day.


3:47pm: This door. It has been my home for the 5.5 years I’ve been in San Diego. It will be our home for a few more, likely. Today it stands watch over deliveries from Amazon (Pop protectors), Walgreens (Garindan Star Wars Celebration and Shawn Michaels Funko Pops, my foundation, and some sugar-free Jelly Bellies), and Funko itself (first order ever – Pop bag to use for Comic Con, nerdy Freddy Funko, and Jungle Batman). I love shopping online. It save me so much time, and often a ton of money.


3:55pm: Let the reorganization and furniture adjustment begin! I want to get things moved around and ready for Tom’s movement of Funko Pop’s, collectibles, etc. As my brother reminded me this morning, I get this itch to clean and reorganize every Spring. He’s right: I used to change up my childhood bedroom every April!


(not a flattering photo with the double chin, but such is life.)

7:10pm: Tom stayed a bit later than usual, but they didn’t need him for as long as expected, which is nice.


This is a new building, recently completed. Their old building used to be to the bottom left of the photo, but it has been demolished. Currently, the open space is being prepped for paving, so that all of the buses can be parked there. It has been a work in progress for a long time, and has meant that this usually four lane road is cut down to two.

I pick Tom up, then we meet up with our friend Maruja for a bit.

10:24pm: I am trying to sleep, but can’t because I’m too energized from my day. The sleep that has been coming easily to me is now eluding me. I think I tempted fate when I made an earlier comment that sleep has been easier lately. I toss and turn and chat to Tom and get more water and hit the restroom again for the fifth time and tell myself to sleep and toss and turn and then finally settle in with the fan in my face and ask Tom to rub my back a bit while I do some deep breathing. He has the most glorious rough, strong hands, and I get calm enough to slip into slumbers sometime around 11:30…


Week in the Life – Monday

4:30 am: The alarm goes off, much like it does every morning at this time. Today, though, I had booked off the morning to get a few things done. Plans changed, and now I wonder if I should just get up and go to work, leaving the random tasks I was going to still do, for later. I decide that I want to continue the restful, peaceful weekend we had, climb back between the cool sheets, and drift off to dreamland again…

9:20am: I slowly wake, feeling the best I have in a long time. Alarms are unnatural things. A morning like this where your body naturally rouses you because it has had enough rest, and is raring to get going in the day, are the best. I feel lazy and just want to lay about all day, but there is work to be done…but for now, a few more minutes of cuddling into Tom while he looks at Facebook on his phone…

20170417_102148 b&amp;w

9:22am: I text Jason, my brother, for his birthday. 35 years today. Where has the time gone? We chat for a bit about his computer issues, his birthday plans, and he, as always, tells me that I need to get more sleep. Well, I did today!

11:30am: Tom and I chat on the way to work, and make plans for the evening. Tom will pick me up at 6pm, which means a solid day in the office, as I won’t take breaks and will work straight through (like most days). In the meantime, he has planned to get a haircut, take in the recycling, and get some more rest before returning to work himself tomorrow.

12:00pm: Diving into the many emails I have received over the weekend. The system glitch that caused a ton of work the past week and a half is apparently fixed, although there are still some hiccups, and I have a ton of requests to work through, as well as ensuring that several clients’ months are wrapped up in time.


It is Easter Monday in Canada, and having grown up there, I keep all of my familial traditions, so the bunny, chick, and garland stays up for one last day.

It feels good to be back with coworkers. I love these people. They bring me joy.

6:00pm: Tom texts that he is waiting for me outside (always tries to be on time!). We plan on having a relaxing night. His hair looks good, although his beard needs some trimming to be even. I think he needs to cut it down a bit – it seems fluffy to me. He likes it that way, mainly, I think, because it makes a statement and gets people’s attention. It’s a conversation starter!


A quick photo of us in the car, slightly blurred due to a quick look at me at the stop light.

I see it as a metaphor for our lives – a quick moment together in a car during the day doesn’t happen often with our work schedules, and the fact that Tom drives bus and usually isn’t off until the evening.

6:20pm: After-work cuddles and discussion. We tend to do this daily, and it is my favorite part of the day. We chat about our days, review plans for the future, determine what we’re having for dinner (if I haven’t already made plans). It our time together, just us. I love it.

7:00pm: Dinner while watching “Iron Fist”. It’s our show of the moment, having just finished “Bob’s Burgers”. It was extremely slow to start, but things are picking up right as the season is about to end…! We discuss that maybe we should give “Daredevil” another try after this ends.

8:40pm: Time for some LEGO viedo gaming. We just started Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and it is a lot of fun. I love smashing things and collecting bits. Tom loves solving the puzzle of where the red bricks or mini-kit pieces are. I still can’t jump properly. Tom still laughs at that.

10:00pm: It is back to our regular routine tomorrow, and in the interest of trying to get a bit more sleep, it is time to crawl between those cool sheets again. I drift off almost immediately, something that has been happening a lot lately, for which I am thankful. I used to suffer from terrible insomnia, but have had a reprieve from that lately.

As I drift off to sleep, I think of how today has been a good day, and how I need to remember to take more photos tomorrow. 🙂