Week in the Life – Thursday

20170420_051718 b&w

4:30am: I see a tired woman, who actually got a better sleep last night than the night before. I see unruly bangs that always get parted on the left due to a bad cow-lick (my Mom would randomly share the story of me as a child, indignantly asking her why she would let a cow lick me). I see the big photo of London that I loved for years, but living in Canada never purchased due to the higher price and long distance from IKEA, although had to buy it at the discounted price that it was when I moved to San Diego. I see eyelashes that are fine and almost blonde at the tip, which is why I love mascara so much.

20170420_045624 b&w

4:50am: I see a cluttered bathroom counter that needs cleaning (on my list for later today). I see Tom’s “Caesar’s Man” that he is almost out of, but keeps the little that is in the bottle because they don’t make it anymore (this was the scent he was wearing when we first met, and I love it on him – so sad that it is discontinued). I see the musk spray he decided to try after the bad news about Caesar’s Man (I am not a fan of musks, even though it does smell good on him – once this is gone, it won’t be replaced). I see the replacement cologne that smells quite a bit like Caesar’s Man, but smells fresher to me somehow (the dude at the shop was correct in saying that we’d like it – we really do).

I see my hair straightener for days when my bangs don’t behave (should put it away for less clutter). I see the heavy flashlight that Tom bought for the apartment (it is almost done charging). I see his clippers for his beard trimming after getting his hair cut on Monday (also need to be put away). I see the Vader soap dispenser that we bought for the restroom for our Star Wars themed wedding in 2013 (such a great day – I am reminded of it every time I wash my hands).

I see the almost empty toothpaste tube that somehow seems to have lasted forever. I see its replacement patiently waiting to assist our dental hygiene routine. I see my face wash (I wish the scent was a bit fruitier). I see the big lotion bottle that we have had forever because it is so big. I see my Tresemme hairspray (my go-to for years and years – level 3 for better hold for my fine hair). I see my hair tie, a must for long hair (and when not in my hair, worn around my right wrist, in the event that it is needed).

I see a bathroom vanity holding the various items we need daily. I see doors that never fully close because maintenance has painted them enough times in the past that the paint interferes with the hinges. I see a rental apartment’s utilitarian configuration. I see a type of bathroom vanity that I will never have again, because once we have a house, I would never choose this type of setup!

20170420_053617 b&w

5:20am: I see fresh hair, still wet from the shower. I see groomed eyebrows, something which I try to keep up with myself (self-conscious about them due to comments from a previous coworker who said that, at that time, my eyebrows looked like big caterpillars on my face. I maybe pluck them too thin now as over-compensation). I see someone who maybe holds onto things a bit too long (lol). I see a daily routine of foundation, eyeliner, mascara. I see a prominent Ukrainian nose (from my Dad’s side). I see light eyes that are blue, descended from Scottish, English, Irish roots (from my Mom’s side). I see a low-maintenance beauty routine that makes me happy (I have done this since I was 12. I do it for me, and nobody else. I do it because I enjoy it. On days I don’t want to do it, I don’t.).


5:58am: I see a white Toyota Corolla (not my first choice for a vehicle, but Tom wanted it due to low mileage and decent price). I see Star Wars decals (because it reminded me of a Stormtrooper). I see good fuel economy (Trooper is so rad in that respect). I see the way we get to work daily. I see the carriage that takes us to Disneyland. I see reliability.


6:09am: I see Tom’s workplace. I see a lot of vehicles in the parking lot this morning (usually nothing here but the shuttle that goes to the trolley station for the bus drivers). I see Tom in his safety vest (the third he has had since starting here in June 2014). I see his Star Wars Rebel backpack (he’s such a big kid). I see the start of his day, the same as it is every morning.


6:30am: I see the start of my day. I see a bit of my fan to the left (it runs almost all of the time because I’m usually so warm). I see sticky notes that house phone numbers and reminders. I see one of the Belles that Tom put in my stocking this last Christmas. I see my group of bad-ass Canadians (Wolverine, Deadpool, Ike, Canadian flag Mickey Vinylmation). I see Batman (looking as unimpressed as ever). I see a hint of Raphael (looking angry). I see my pen holder (with my Texas pens).

I see a spreadsheet (LOVE them so very much). I see Voyager. I see my name plate. I see wedding rings (engagement ring was passed down to Tom from his Dad, which makes it very special to me. The bands of diamonds on either side was our choice – I love the added sparkle). I see the simple earrings that I often wear when my hair is up.

I see a messy bun (tired this morning, and too lazy to do anything else). I see glasses (eyes are tired and sore and scratchy today). I see a black shirt (one of many in my closet).

I see productivity and determination.


10:47am: I see an office plant, one of many. I see the familiar foliage of where I used to sit before I moved to where I am now, which does not have a plant on top of the cubicle. I see bright leaves that I suddenly realize that I miss seeing daily.


3:20pm: I see our mailbox, filled with random mail, some of which will belong to another unit in the complex (because they moved in six months ago and in changing their address with places, put our unit instead of theirs, and even though they know about it still have not made corrections). I see a flyer from United Airlines (and based on recent events and actions towards their passengers, cringe slightly). I see a key for the bigger mailboxes that house larger items (like boxes from Toys R Us – Tom ordered a pop from them).


3:25pm: I see the orange blooms from the large shrub that is by the parking lot. I see evidence of the bees who buzz around this plant all the time. I see new growth. I see decay. I see the cycle of this season. I see the circle of life.


3:27pm: I see the iris bush at the end of our walkway. I see the cuts of where the landscapers have trimmed it back (which always breaks my heart, as it stunts how often it blooms).


3:28pm: I see our container of succulents that Janie gave us several years ago. I see the sections dying from damage caused when our neighbours moved out. I see the new growth (and, as always, am amazed at the hardiness of plants and people. This world can be difficult and harsh).


3:50pm: I see a pile of Tom’s printed t-shirts that I just removed from the closet. I see well-loved and often-worn shirts that he has collected over the years. I see shirts that he no longer wears due to them being old or not fitting right anymore. I see shirts that he can’t bear to part with yet. I see shirts that are taking up closet space and need to be removed. I see shirts that he didn’t remove himself this week. I see shirts that I will put into compression bags and store under the bed, freeing up space for me, and yet still giving him the option of connecting with them again in the future.

4:45pm: I see a bunch of projects and albums and ink pads and papers and packaged themes for Disney layouts that have yet to be used and lovingly made into layouts and December Dailies. I see a closet that needs some reorganizing and purging. I see my task until 6:40, when I need to leave to pick up Tom from work. I see a challenge. I see something that I enjoy doing. I see future donations to Crops of Luv. I see success ahead of me in this task, so that I can spend some time scrapbooking next week!


6:48pm: I see trees in the distance that have caught my eye due to the sunlight streaming through them (while stopped at a light). I see something that reminds me of my Grandmother, as Garth Brooks sings “If Tomorrow Never Comes” on the stereo. I see tears in my eye, as I remember someone who had a huge impact on my life, and who I have missed every day since she passed almost 26 years ago.

6:52pm: I see a wife waiting for her husband. I see a slight smirk, as this woman feels productive and sassy when undergoing a reorganization project (seriously, though). I see determination. I see a beloved keychain from when Tom (at that time a boyfriend) drove his buddy across the US when moving, but stopped to buy this souvenir for me. I see the Imperial logo on Trooper’s floor mats (because he looks like a Stormtrooper). I see purple toenails, something new I’m rocking this Spring. I see flip flops (permanent shoe choice now that I live in California). I see the sun going down on another day.


8:00pm: I see my first Dave Chappelle stand-up special. I see decorative bottles that are void of the M&M’s they usually contain (it has been awhile – adding M&M’s to the grocery list). I see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles items in a red metal bucket. I see candies from Ukraine in the glass bowl. I see Star Wars movies (so love them). I see Nintendo metal goodies that Tom collects. I see comfort. I see comedy. I see home.


10:30pm: I see tired. I see ready for sleep. I see the pillow cases that Aunt Lynda made us for our wedding (ones on the bottom). I see the pillow cases that Dailyn made us for Christmas just after our wedding (ones on the top). I see me moments before Tom comes into the room and we finally connect with his Mother to wish her a Happy Birthday, and make plans to go for lunch on Saturday. I see me moments before I lay there for another two hours, then finally fall into a fitful, unrefreshing sleep. I see the end of this day.














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