Week in the Life – Tuesday

4:30am: The alarm goes off, and I hiss at it. I deliberately choose the most annoying alarm ring in the world, so that it is successful in waking me up and getting me out of bed. Today, I hit snooze (which I rarely do), and try to sleep some more, but my brain is now in full gear and I can’t sleep anymore. Up I get for a shower, checking my email, peeking at Instagram, looking at Facebook notifications that happened overnight, and playing my daily Solitaire game. All of this usually takes me less than 20 minutes. I don’t like to dawdle.

20170418_051010 b&w

5:00am: Tom’s alarm rings (R2-D2 sounds, of course), and he does his morning ritual of hitting Sleep, giving him five more delicious minutes. I’m back in bed by now, which means I cuddle into him until R2 rouses him again, this time for good. He hits the shower, turning on the light on his way by.

It’s our morning routine. We do it daily. It works for us.

6:00am: We leave home a few minutes ahead of schedule, which means I don’t have to drive 85-90 mph to get him to work on time for his 6:10 sign-in. Seriously. There are days where I have white knuckled it and wanted to vomit with how fast I was driving…but I got him there on time!

6:08am: Tom is at work, and I start my commute to the office. The traffic is steady, with only a few halts (for which I had my phone ready!), but the week after Easter means people are on holidays still, and there is a marked difference in the overall number of vehicles on the road with me this morning. People are content on flowing up the hill on the 52 together as a collective, the jerks who dart back and forth between lanes noticeably absent this overcast morning.


6:26am: I arrive at the office to a much smaller inbox than yesterday, thankfully. Today is Tuesday, which means a full schedule of morning meetings.


I love these earrings, but rarely wear them with how heavy they are. Today felt like a good day to dust them off again.

Easter decorations are down, and put away in the top drawer of my under-desk filing cabinet. Top drawer holds Easter, Valentine’s, St. Patty’s, Halloween, Canada Day, Independence Day, and other random holiday items. Bottom drawer is completely Christmas – decorations, lights, and a small tree for my desk, along with random decorations and lights that I share with others in the office. I won’t need to put anything up until July 1st for Canada Day. Usually that also means bringing in some red velvet and white chocolate chip cookies. Red and white. I have to do it!

9:26am: Our nephew is back from his school trip to New York and Boston, and he sends us a brief message to say he is back, he enjoyed himself, and we should get together soon. Seriously love this guy. Seriously love being his aunt.

12:19pm: Tom texts that he has to work late tonight, which is a tad frustrating for his day back to work, but the overtime will be nice next payday. I decide to work through lunch and have some chicken noodle soup from my desk drawer. It’s rather salty, which means increasing water consumption this afternoon!

20170418_103211 20170418_091613

I love this water additive flavour. It’s refreshing, especially when icy cold. I recently got this stay-cold cup from Costco, and it will keep ice in it for 24 hours. SERIOUSLY LOVE IT. There were two in a package for $20, and it is the best purchase I’ve ever made, I swear.

3:30pm: The best part of coming in early, other than it being quiet in the office so that I can get a ton done before others arrive, is that I get to leave mid-afternoon. San Diego is once again into hot temperatures, so the car is an oven.


I need to clean the car – look at all the dust! 😉

Traffic home is a bit of chaos, as always. The 8 eastbound is usually this busy in the afternoons. I try and enjoy these minutes of solitude with no plans, but usually I just want to get home and get into whatever I have planned for the “me time” before I pick Tom up from work. We’re still using one vehicle in an effort to save money, reduce unnecessary pollution, and also have some more time together in a day.


3:47pm: This door. It has been my home for the 5.5 years I’ve been in San Diego. It will be our home for a few more, likely. Today it stands watch over deliveries from Amazon (Pop protectors), Walgreens (Garindan Star Wars Celebration and Shawn Michaels Funko Pops, my foundation, and some sugar-free Jelly Bellies), and Funko itself (first order ever – Pop bag to use for Comic Con, nerdy Freddy Funko, and Jungle Batman). I love shopping online. It save me so much time, and often a ton of money.


3:55pm: Let the reorganization and furniture adjustment begin! I want to get things moved around and ready for Tom’s movement of Funko Pop’s, collectibles, etc. As my brother reminded me this morning, I get this itch to clean and reorganize every Spring. He’s right: I used to change up my childhood bedroom every April!


(not a flattering photo with the double chin, but such is life.)

7:10pm: Tom stayed a bit later than usual, but they didn’t need him for as long as expected, which is nice.


This is a new building, recently completed. Their old building used to be to the bottom left of the photo, but it has been demolished. Currently, the open space is being prepped for paving, so that all of the buses can be parked there. It has been a work in progress for a long time, and has meant that this usually four lane road is cut down to two.

I pick Tom up, then we meet up with our friend Maruja for a bit.

10:24pm: I am trying to sleep, but can’t because I’m too energized from my day. The sleep that has been coming easily to me is now eluding me. I think I tempted fate when I made an earlier comment that sleep has been easier lately. I toss and turn and chat to Tom and get more water and hit the restroom again for the fifth time and tell myself to sleep and toss and turn and then finally settle in with the fan in my face and ask Tom to rub my back a bit while I do some deep breathing. He has the most glorious rough, strong hands, and I get calm enough to slip into slumbers sometime around 11:30…



One thought on “Week in the Life – Tuesday

  1. Hi Tanya thanks for your post really enjoyed reading about your day. Im so not going to say yikes that’s early to be getting up. Im afraid im never up till about nine. I too check fb emails ect before i get up that’s why im late. Have a great week . Love ali x


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