Week in the Life – Friday

4:30am: Currently, the alarm buzzes me awake. I stumble into the bathroom and shower and brush my teeth and brush my hair and I stumble back into the bedroom…and I don’t think I opened my eyes once. 😉


I am tired and feel dull today. The residual pain from my cancer surgery and pain from the still-healing spider bite hole in my leg is bad today due to all of the recent lifting and lack of sleep. On days like this, I retreat into myself like a turtle into its shell. It’s safe and warm and comfortable in these internal mental caves. The light can’t touch me here, and I can find the tenuous thread of hope that will help me get through the day.

7:25am: Currently, the office is quiet. There are a lot of people who booked it off (likely heading to the beach, as it is going to be another warm one in San Diego). The crew that is here is lethargic and stressed and wanting to get things completed before the weekend, myself included. We opt to only have half the lights on, which suits me just fine. I love working in the dark.


Currently, I am sporting another messy bun. It’s another black shirt day (like most days). It’s another tackle-new-email-requests day. It’s (hopefully) another day where I can get everything done by working through lunch, so that I can leave a bit early. I would like to get more purging and reorganizing done at home before the weekend plans begin.

11:56am: Currently, I am mentally and physically done for the day.

3:10pm: On my way home, finally. It is rather hot out this afternoon, and I’m looking forward to getting home and getting this weekend started! I snap this picture just as the light changes…


3:30pm: Late lunch – a sandwich and some Doritos, paired with lemonade flavoured water and some more Midsomer Murders (absolutely love this show).


8:00pm: After getting Tom, our friend who works at Parkway Plaza called. We’re meeting up with him to go bowling tomorrow night (I haven’t bowled in years!), so we go to chat with him a bit before running to Walmart for a few items.

And can I just say that I love self-checkout – provided that it actually works? Tonight, not so much. This pretty much sums it up:

Thank goodness this day is almost over. It was rough, but we made it! And now, we sleep…




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