Week in the Life – Monday

4:30 am: The alarm goes off, much like it does every morning at this time. Today, though, I had booked off the morning to get a few things done. Plans changed, and now I wonder if I should just get up and go to work, leaving the random tasks I was going to still do, for later. I decide that I want to continue the restful, peaceful weekend we had, climb back between the cool sheets, and drift off to dreamland again…

9:20am: I slowly wake, feeling the best I have in a long time. Alarms are unnatural things. A morning like this where your body naturally rouses you because it has had enough rest, and is raring to get going in the day, are the best. I feel lazy and just want to lay about all day, but there is work to be done…but for now, a few more minutes of cuddling into Tom while he looks at Facebook on his phone…

20170417_102148 b&w

9:22am: I text Jason, my brother, for his birthday. 35 years today. Where has the time gone? We chat for a bit about his computer issues, his birthday plans, and he, as always, tells me that I need to get more sleep. Well, I did today!

11:30am: Tom and I chat on the way to work, and make plans for the evening. Tom will pick me up at 6pm, which means a solid day in the office, as I won’t take breaks and will work straight through (like most days). In the meantime, he has planned to get a haircut, take in the recycling, and get some more rest before returning to work himself tomorrow.

12:00pm: Diving into the many emails I have received over the weekend. The system glitch that caused a ton of work the past week and a half is apparently fixed, although there are still some hiccups, and I have a ton of requests to work through, as well as ensuring that several clients’ months are wrapped up in time.


It is Easter Monday in Canada, and having grown up there, I keep all of my familial traditions, so the bunny, chick, and garland stays up for one last day.

It feels good to be back with coworkers. I love these people. They bring me joy.

6:00pm: Tom texts that he is waiting for me outside (always tries to be on time!). We plan on having a relaxing night. His hair looks good, although his beard needs some trimming to be even. I think he needs to cut it down a bit – it seems fluffy to me. He likes it that way, mainly, I think, because it makes a statement and gets people’s attention. It’s a conversation starter!


A quick photo of us in the car, slightly blurred due to a quick look at me at the stop light.

I see it as a metaphor for our lives – a quick moment together in a car during the day doesn’t happen often with our work schedules, and the fact that Tom drives bus and usually isn’t off until the evening.

6:20pm: After-work cuddles and discussion. We tend to do this daily, and it is my favorite part of the day. We chat about our days, review plans for the future, determine what we’re having for dinner (if I haven’t already made plans). It our time together, just us. I love it.

7:00pm: Dinner while watching “Iron Fist”. It’s our show of the moment, having just finished “Bob’s Burgers”. It was extremely slow to start, but things are picking up right as the season is about to end…! We discuss that maybe we should give “Daredevil” another try after this ends.

8:40pm: Time for some LEGO viedo gaming. We just started Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and it is a lot of fun. I love smashing things and collecting bits. Tom loves solving the puzzle of where the red bricks or mini-kit pieces are. I still can’t jump properly. Tom still laughs at that.

10:00pm: It is back to our regular routine tomorrow, and in the interest of trying to get a bit more sleep, it is time to crawl between those cool sheets again. I drift off almost immediately, something that has been happening a lot lately, for which I am thankful. I used to suffer from terrible insomnia, but have had a reprieve from that lately.

As I drift off to sleep, I think of how today has been a good day, and how I need to remember to take more photos tomorrow. 🙂


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