Beauty and the Beast

If you haven’t gone to see the live action version of this tale as old as time, you really should.

You really, really should.

We went last weekend, and it was amazing. I was a tad skeptical at first, as I absolutely love the animated classic, and I was so afraid that they would ruin it. I should have known better. Disney, ruin anything?

The initial looks at Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts, and Chip didn’t excite me…but having seen all of the lavish French architecture and designs in Beast’s castle, their updates make perfect sense.

The Beast seemed harsher that the animated version, and I get it – he’s a Beast. Maybe it was the horns. They were so mountain goat-like. Those eyes, though. So perfectly Beast. You can’t help but fall in love with his ferocious vulnerability.

The movie is amazing, and I want to spend all day in the theatre watching it over and over and over again.

Go see it, and you’ll know what I mean.

And with that in mind, here is a layout I did for a challenge for a scrap group I’m involved with, and love:


The papers are mostly StampinUp, and the flowers are old Prima. The stamped sayings are from Ali Edwards (love her phrase stamps!). This was from our Disneymoon to Disney World in 2015. It is tradition to see the live show due to my extreme love of this story.

A small town bookworm (who never quite fit in) ventures off and meets a hairy beast with whom she falls in love? Sounds a tad familiar! 😉

Have a good one – and go see the movie! 😉



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