Bring on the Weekend

It has been a chaotic week.

Monday was great – I got to celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday at Disneyland. So magical! 

The rest of the week is a blur of reports, phone calls, facilitating training, dealing with apartment issues (our property management leaves a lot to be desired sometimes).

The good thing? IT IS FRIDAY! And payday. And the start of a weekend of reorganizing the Nerd Cave to accommodate new Funko Pops and R2-D2’s (we are obsessed)!

In thinking about R2, here is a layout of Tom with him from a trip in 2013:


The R2-D2 journalling block is actually a notepad that we picked up in the bargain bins at Target. Jedi logo is from Creative Imaginations. The metal saying is an old Memory Makers embellishment. The paper looks beige in the photo, but is actually a light silver.

The stars are a piece of paper that was already die cut, although you could do the same thing using a Silhouette (still need to try using mine – on the To Do list for the holiday break).

It’s simple, yet fun. This is one of my favorite  photos of Tom ever.

Love that childish grin!



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