Block heads

After a rough week (work, election, sickness), a bit of happiness is required for today.

And what isn’t happy about LEGO?


To make the background, I loaded up the ends of the bristles of a big painter’s brush, then tapped it against my hand to get the paint splatters. NOTE: this can make a mess, so cover up everything in the vicinity (as my wall and glass can attest).

Papers are from Queen & Co from a line they had out a couple of years ago. The black, white, red, and yellow can be tough to work with, which is likely why this was the first time I used the paper. The bright primaries work for LEGO, though!

The “build” and “this is what it’s all about” stamps are from Ali Edwards. I love, love, love her handwriting (so jeaous!). She has a monthly subscription program, which is where this came from, but this month she is set to have a sale of past kits and stamps, so check out her website for more info.

The LEGO themed goodies are from and old Creative Imaginations line. It’s unfortunate that they don’t do things like this anymore. They had a lot of great ‘nerdy’ themes that you can’t find elsewhere. I hoarded all the LEGO and Star Wars I could find!

We really love the LEGO store in Downtown Disney in Anaheim – it’s a must-stop for most of our trips!



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