A New President

It is election day in America (finally!), and that has me thinking about a lot of things all at once.

Who will win today?

What will that mean for this country for the next four years?

How will that impact this Canadian girl living in America?

Having been born and raised in Canada, and coming up to five years of living in America, working here, getting married to an American boy, having a Green Card but not citizenship, I do not have the right to vote. I have absolutely no say in the unfolding of the future, of who is our President, of who will be making decisions for my life in the years to come.

It’s unsettling, especially for a Type A personality with control issues!

And so I put my faith in those around me to make solid decisions as to who has the experience, temperament, good decision making skills, and eloquence to run this country. To make sound choices for all of its inhabitants from many different walks of life. To be patient and understanding. To be thankful for what we have here, and work to make it better.

All of this also got me thinking about the past presidents, and The Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom at DisneyWorld.

The show has Abe Lincoln discussing key aspects of America’s history (same animatronic Abe that is in Disneyland), and then the show actually goes through all of the Presidents that have been in power since George Washington. It’s a pretty interesting display, even for a Canadian girl! đŸ˜‰

The culmination of the show has all of the Presidents on the same stage, which is a photo I just had to have!


It’s a tad hard to see their individual faces, but they are all there!

I believe the paper is Scrapbook Customs, the rub-on’s are Bo Bunny, the seal and title are smaller photos I took in the ‘ride’, and the awesome wooden banner with star cut-outs is Freckled Fawn (so in love with their embellishments!).

It will be an interesting night to see whose animatronic copy will be the next addition to that stage!




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