Scrapbook Expo – Ontario, CA 2016

Scrapbook Expo was a ton of fun on Saturday!

I don’t partake in the classes and workshops because I’m a tad cheap, and as much as I love teaching project classes, I find it hard to pay for a class that I can likely figure out on my own from a photo. Granted, there are classes that did interest me, but I just didn’t have the time to do them based on other plans for the day. Maybe next time!

Friday night I pulled together a couple bags of donations for Crops of Luv, as I had originally planned (letting go of old supplies for a new good). There were a bunch of patterned papers, ribbons, tons of stickers, etc., much of it family or Disney-themed.


It felt so good to stuff those bags full of goodies that will be used for albums for families of terminally ill children. So very good. I am so grateful I could do this (and hopefully attend their 20-albums-this-weekend crop up by LA this May!).

Their booth was my first stop to drop off the donation bags, then I headed to find some new treasures!

Crowds were a lot lighter than I anticipated, but it seems that a lot of women had come the night before for workshops, classes, and shopping. Things really picked up closer to noon, when others started arriving for some shopping before their Saturday classes started. My advice if you plan to go in 2017: get there early and have a bit more space to look at things. When it was busier, some booths were impossible to get into, or else the purchase lines were extremely long.


Queen & Co. seems to be most people’s stop, so give it a miss first thing in the morning, as they always bring tons of goodies, and their specials usually last for the entire day. Last time I went to Scrapbook Expo in Anaheim, I stood in the purchase line for almost 40 minutes – time I could have used to grab other deals.

I found some great deals, most of them nerdy-themed for our Star Wars Weekends and Disney trip pages. The seasonal stuff was a huge focus, for those of us planning on doing a December Daily.

I definitely didn’t buy as much as I expected (a good thing), and I’m not sure if that was due to there not being many things that really stood out to me, or if I am getting more selective in the things that I purchase. I am trying to be more intentional with my purchases, in that I need to know specifically what I am going to do with the product, or have at least several ideas of what I could do with it. I got a few stamps, but only after I thought of at least three ways I could use them.

I’m very glad I went, and will definitely go again in 2017! Check them out in your area if you can!



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