These Little Wonders…

In going with the theme of the month, and in being grateful for things, here is a song that has been resonating with me lately:

Rob Thomas, “Little Wonders

Speaking of little wonders, and breathing, and letting go, and being grateful, I have been going through my scrapbooking stuff for about the last year and giving things away, donating, selling, just being like Elsa and deciding to “Let it Go!”.

I even have a Funko Pop Elsa on my desk to remind me to let things go, which I documented on a layout:


I think I hoarded that Bo Bunny line for all those years, waiting for that photo! 😉

This weekend, I am taking a bunch of my previously loved items with me to Scrapbook Expo to donate to Crops of Luv, a dynamic sister duo who creates keepsake albums for families who have gone on Make A Wish trips for their terminally ill children. They are great ladies, and I know that the families cherish the albums. It feels good to be able to share in the form of supplies, and I am hoping by next Expo date, I have some layouts and more supplies to donate.

I challenge you to do the same in this season of giving. 🙂


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