It might be due to it being Thanksgiving in the US, or maybe Fall, or maybe just the start of November and a new-found calm within me, but I have been thinking a lot about gratitude lately. I would say that, for the most part, I am a very grateful person (especially after going through uterine cancer), but this time of year really brings the concept to the forefront of our lives.



Being with friends and family in an intentional manner.

Taking stock of our lives as the current year draws to an end.

And so, here is a moment of gratitude that occurred in a routine grocery shopping trip to Costco:


Bright pink daisies.

Every time I walk by the flowers, I make a point of stopping to smell them. Roses? Sometimes. Daisies? Always.

My Grandma loved daisies, and I loved my Grandma, and I have missed her and thought of her every single day since she passed on May 5, 1991. I was a tender 11 years old, almost 12, and her passing left a huge, gaping hole in my heart and life. I learned so much from her, teachings that guided my development back then, and still resonate in the decisions I make now as a 37 year old woman.

And so, I stop and smell the daisies.

And I am grateful that I had eleven years with her.

And I am grateful that I still hear her voice in my head.

And I am grateful for these little moments in a crowded, busy store where I can just stop and breathe and remember.

So very, very grateful.


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