It’s November? :O



I am not sure where this year has gone, but here we are, November 2. I’m shocked and excited all at the same time.

It has been a loooooooooong summer, full of events, and trips, and changes at work, and people needing me non-stop, and frustrations over others’ selfishness, and stress, and sleepless nights, and trying, so very hard, to just keep breathing.

I was over Halloween long before it happened, but was so very glad when it arrived, as it seemed to mark the end of the summer and of the stress and just utter chaos of our lives lately. November felt like it would be a new beginning, and even though it was all likely psychological, it made a difference. I awoke with a glow of hope and peace in my heart.

Things will get better now. Things are good. Breathe.

Welcome, November.

I have been waiting for you.


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