One little word. So many uses, so many opportunities to remind myself that I just need to breathe. That is exactly what my focus has been in 2016.

I’m your usual anal, Type A, overachieving first-born. I can be tenacious and stubborn, which is good in some situations, but can get me into trouble the next. I’m also a Gemini, so that duality in nature can also be troublesome.

But “breathe” has helped. I tried out Ali Edwards’ One Little Word last year – in idea only, not the scrapbooking class part of it. My word was Reduce. Reduce stress, reduce events, reduce guilt over trying to be everything to everyone and not succeeding. It really helped. So, this year? Breathe.

Someone is talking about a project they are doing, and I know I could help? Breathe. Stop. Don’t inject myself into it until they ask me.

Someone is making a huge mistake, but they are happy? Breathe. Let them hurl themselves into their own destiny.

Something is bothering me, but I have no control over it? Breathe. Let time takes its course, and allow the space for things to fall into place.

I need to focus on me. Focus and breathe. Breathe and reduce. Breathe. Just breathe.



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