Week In the Life (WITL)

I really enjoy the products, style, and approach of Ali Edwards. She has a focus on the photos and the words that make up everyday life – funny, sweet, sad, tough, raw, real.

Each year, she does a Week in the Life – a capture of seven days of her life in all ways and shapes. It’s fascinating how much happens on a daily basis that we don’t even think about until we are consciously made aware of it. I did this project for the first time last year, and while it was new to me and a tad difficult to get used to taking photos (something I am struggling with this week so far), it was a worthwhile project. You don’t need photos to tell a story…but they help.

This year, Ali is doing her WITL next week – May 9-15 or so. Due to commitments and such, I had decided to do it this week – May 1-7. Well, that was the plan – everyday life during this week. Between my Disney scrap group’s week-long National Scrapbooking Day/Week, the continuation of reorganizing our entire lives after a water leak in the complex, and a variety of other commitments, in choosing this week, I may have chosen…poorly.

But that is the joy of the project – REAL LIFE!

So, in days to come, I will be sharing these glimpses into everyday life, and the resulting pocket pages that will comprise my album.

I should note that I did get Ali’s WITL bundle again this year. I loved the products, and the albums are especially awesome. I added the 3×8 page protectors because I used them last year and LOVED using them daily.

Anyone else doing this project?



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